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My Gender is the Trees

I’ve spent what feels like a lifetime shifting back and forth between identities, trying to find some kind of gender outlook that matches how I know I feel about myself Our language is limited and when your sense… Read More

Time Dilation, or Time is a Fuck

Time is valuable  A commodity that can be Has been And continues to be exploited It’s only when it’s against us that time seems to move too fast or too slow Time is not on your side When… Read More


When I say I want to lose gracefully, I don’t mean that in terms of having a nice concession speech. (When I do concede in love, in life, I prefer to go kicking and screaming because I don’t… Read More

This Is Not Normal

  “When you wear clothes like that, you look like a cheap girl.” The words you’re trying to use are “You look like a sex worker, which bothers my misogynistic heart to no end” I’m not even a… Read More


Gender is never neutral, To assume that someone’s gender is neutral or non-existent because it doesn’t exist between two rigid poles Of a gender binary is arrogant and selfish Even with those of us that do not have… Read More

Dinner for One

Dinner for one in a rusty old diner Is there anything more American? Or more Americana when you throw in seemingly bottomless bowls of soup and glaring eyes that will make sure you have a good grip on… Read More


Need to breathe Sometimes I feel like I need to tell myself that so I can have a little bit of control over my body I don’t know if that’s true But I’ve told myself that enough times… Read More

A Family Affair

Dad’s face is in the newspaper The newspaper was in the basement that I moved into after 20 years Complete with a layer of dust that complimented everything else that was abandoned there I’m in the newspaper I… Read More

Saturday in January

I want to feel the wind against my face I want to feel the wind blowing against me, strong and unyielding I want to feel the wind as it pushes itself through my fingertips as I walk With… Read More

Truth as Ive Lived It

I dont always look at myself before I leave in the morning. Mostly because She saw something in the mirror that terrified her: her fathers face. Some days, Im in front of the mirror And I stare and… Read More